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Who We Are

Global Performance Pte Ltd is a distribution-based company; one platform diversified in infinite ways. 

Starting from humble beginnings in distribution in 2009, we grew to provide full-fledged supply chain management services. 

Today, we curate bespoke solutions that interweave unique business angles leveraging on logistics, tech, engineering and customer service that compliment, enhance and transform growth. We work with visionary businesses ready to step up on their transformation journeys, to be among a new generation of industry players. 

Whether its weathering proverbial storms or spearheading industry growth, Global Performance provides made-to-measure solutions that challenge the conventional and draw open the curtains to opportunities of tomorrow. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Through the years, we have managed projects involving various international markets including African, American, British and Chinese regions. 
Our portfolio includes a range of clientele that include SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and organisations from various industries.

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Professional Approach

Being based in Singapore, coupled with strong partner relations in the Indo-China region, puts Global Performance in a uniquely favourable position for geographical influence on the Asia-Pacific region. This is especially vital for organisations looking for greater reach beyond borders.

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Core Values

We are guided by a set of values that define us. Through this, we cultivate diverse perspectives combined with an inclusive culture, driving better decision-making, innovation and organisational agility that translates to the work we do.

About: Features
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Creating opportunities means looking where others are not, and in the business climate of today, opportunities dictate the future. We continuously endeavour to create opportunities for stakeholders that contibute to their success.

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We work towards always being the partner you can rely on. With so many variables to master, we do not fall behind on our endeavours to provide exceptional service and value in our offerings.

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We value our relationships with our customers, stakeholders and networks, and understand that each entity is unique from the other. As such, we constantly re-evaluate the needs and prioritise identifying areas for growth.

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We uphold the ethical standards of industries while supporting the values of our stakeholders. We act in transparency to provide the best products across markets and industries.

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Quality is never compromised. We aim to deliver the highest quality in the work we do, solutions we offer and products we service in a systematic and consistant manner.

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The commitment to our customers is of paramount importance. Likewise, we recognise your customers to be the backbone of your business. This trickle-down relationship is ingrained in our approach to providing effective solutions.

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